Being Honest

This is a huge subject and one I think that you might want to consider diving in to. We are all fvcking liars. Mostly we lie to ourselves and to our women. "no you don't look fat in those jeans"

Why Women Don’t Trust “Nice” Guys

I once heard a very helpful metaphor that I think sums up what we as men are beginning to understand about the differences in polarity between the masculine and the feminine: The masculine is a

On Being A Man

Hey guys, had a few short thoughts the other night that I want to share with you. Basically why being a man (particularly as we grow and mature) is AWESOME! do we have challenges with the sexual organ

Why Older Men Are Awesome

Men of all ages come to me for advice and help. [See my post here responding to a 19 year old who is suffering from performance anxiety.] But most of the guys who are suffering from lack of what I

Performance Anxiety In The Bedroom

Got an email today from a guy who is struggling like so many men with performance anxiety... He told me upfront that he couldn't afford to work with me one on one but that he would appreciate my

Shyness With Women is Learned

Hey Guys, Mark Shepard here, it's been a little while since I posted and I would love to share with you why. First of all I need to let you know as clearly as I can that everything I write